Personal set with transmitters

This is the minimum set. The participant give to the Baal Kore the master transmitter(blue) and the participant will use the slave transmitter (red).

The participant can communicate with the Baal kore and the Baal Kore can communicate with the participant. They need both of them to use the microphone with an earphone.

Master Transmitter (Blue).

The master transmitter (blue) is the device that is in control of the slave transmitter( red) and the receiver (orange)

50 channels are available allowing the control of 50 minyanim. Each participant will select on its receiver the same channel as the master transmitter



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Slave Transmitter (Red)

The slave microphone (red) and the master transmitter (blue) have a duplex communication capability.

In addition the slave microphone can communicate with the receiver,

one USB charger cable and one microphone with earphone are provided

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Cordless Microphone directional

This microphone is wireless and very discrete. The microphone is unidirectional. The head of the microphone does not need to be next to the mouth 0f the baal kore.

Stereo earphone × 2

Can be used by the blue transmitter and the red transmitter to have a talky-walkie

earphone one ear

Very good earphone not expensive.

Charging usb cable and plug × 2

Buttons protection × 2

Blocking the usage of the devices buttons

Support for Transmitter and receivers × 2

Tsomet Certificate English

Audio-kit Bag

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Comprise one master transmitter (blue) and one slave transmitter (red)


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