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Distancing and praying together, staying safe and stronger together. In this FAQ we will present our transmitters and receivers solution for praying while respecting social distancing.

By owning a personal transmitter and receiver set, you will be able to:
  • Turn on the blue transmitter and the orange receiver.
  • Select the same channel (1 to 50) on both devices.
  • Insert a microphone into the blue transmitter and give it to the rabbi.
  • Insert an earphone into the orange receiver and use it for yourself
  • Check that the receiver and transmitter are communicating by listening and increase or decrease the sound on the orange receiver to adjust it to your hearing and comfort.
- Use your Personal set to be part of a Minyan
  1. Give the Blue transmitter to the Rabbi and use the orange transmitter for yourself.
-Use your personal set and carry it always within your Tefilin and Tallit bag

Use it for yourself or lend it to someone who is hearing impaired

- Use your Personal set when you are in a confine room

When you are confined to a room, place the blue transmitter in the living room and use a slave transmitter (red)  to communicate or a just an orange receiver  to listen to what is being said in the living room.

- Use your personal set to communicate with your wife during the prayer
- Use a personal set when the minyan takes place in the street or in an open space


Use a personal set when you eat with elderly people

Provide the receiver to the elderly person, keep the transmitter for yourself. If there is more than one elderly person, then provide each and every one with a receiver (orange).


- Use your Personal set on Shabbat and Jewish holidays

If you are a hearing-impaired person, our transmitter and receiver may be used Shabbat and Holidays. We have a Halachic certificate from the recognized TZOMET institute.

Own the two transmitters sets to gain more power and functionality

Buying the Transmitter set provides you with a powerful tool that allows you duplex communication between a Master transmitter (blue) and a Slave transmitter (red).  Additionally, you will have all the functionality that the Personal set provides you.


You get the possibility to have two people speaking to the community

You will need at least one receiver (orange) and two transmitters

Listen to two prayer leaders or speakers

You may have two prayer leaders simultaneously leading the prayer or have two speakers making a presentation.


One rabbi and the choral or one rabbi and the cohanim on microphones

Many possibilities are offered when you have two transmitters communicating with the congregation



What are the needs of a congregation?

Depending on the size of your congregation and the number of minyanim running concurrently, there is a need for one receiver per participant and one transmitter per minyan.


To limit the cost to the congregation, and for protection, we recommend that each participant buy one or two receivers. The congregation will just need to purchase a blue or red transmitter with a few orange receivers to lend to those participants in need. We also recommend that each participant use their own personal earphone.



We recommend that the congregation purchase two transmitters

We recommend that the congregation own a blue transmitter and a red transmitter. The blue transmitter is the master transmitter. It has a function allowing the master transmitter to reset all the receivers to a chosen channel. Once the participant knows the channel of the prayer leader, he can set up his receiver to the proper channel or request the prayer leader to rest the channel from a distance


We recommend that each participant purchase at least one orange receiver

If the congregation already has a blue transmitter, each participant will be able to hear the prayer leader if he has an orange receiver. Purchasing receivers individually will reduce the cost to the congregation. It will also be more hygienic if each participant has his own receiver.

We recommend that the congregation purchase several receivers to lend

We recommend that the congregation purchases in addition of the master transmitter and a red transmitter, several receivers to lend to congregants. We however recommend that the congregation advise each participant to come with their own earphone. We also recommend the congregation to purchase a 32-charging box allowing participants to pick up and return a lent receiver to the charging box

We recommend that each person needing a receiver come with their own earphone

The quality of hearing depends often on the earphone. Earphones can vary in price, from $5 to $1000. There are thousands of earphones with a 3.5mm jack that can be used with the receiver. Also due to COVID-19, a personal earphone is recommended.

A solution for the homes for the retired
  • The retired homes that organize minyanim for old people  are confronted to distancing and to the participants that are hard hearing people. Here our solution is perfect or almost perfect since it provide
  •  distancing
  • hearing solution
  • Certificate of Tsomet for using the devices for Shabbat and holidays.
-What are the needs of a congregation or a Retired home center?


The Solutions That We Are Proposing For The Congregation Follow

-The Solutions That We Are Proposing For The Participants

-Finally Get Advantage of Your Congregation

Some Pricing

 As of today. The pricing may change in the future. 


Stay Safe and Stronger Together

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