Salomon Ohayon CEO & Founder

Mr Ohayon is born to a traditional Moroccan family in Casablanca. Jewish traditions have always been part of his life. As a young student, with his wife Elka Ohayon z”l, he organized tours for Jewish student groups from France to the United States. Later on, he completed his Computer Science studies at MIT and at Buffalo University. He lived in the States with his wife and children for 10 years where he was active in the Jewish community of Rochester NY. Thereafter the family returned to France. For 25 years Mr. Ohayon was the CEO of his own company in the computer science field. One by one he sent his children Israel, for Aliya, until he followed with his dear wife. The Jewish tradition being close to his heart, he wishes to bring to everyone the possibility to participate in a minyan or kaddish. This is the idea behind the Minyan to Zoom website that he has developed with the help of his grandson Nethanel Koler.

Since people started to pray outside the synagogue in streets due to social distancing a different approach was needed.

We are introducing here our solution based on a FM technology, developed by our partner Shenzhen Rich Age Electronic C0., LTD

Shenzhen Rich Age Electronics Co., Ltd

Proudly founded in 2007, Shenzhen Rich Age Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of wireless tour guide system and communications solutions for the travel industry, major events & conference, worship gathering, etc. 

The company continually endeavors to expand its reach into the international market and successfully exports to the USA, Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, UK, Bulgaria, etc.), the Middle East and Pacific countries. A steady and continuous corporate growth has resulted in a corporate staff of almost 114 people located across its 3 facilities in Guangdong, China (Shen Zhen [HQ], Hui Zhou, Shi Yan & Fo Shan) and one in Hongkong.

Zoom to Minyan Plateform

Minyan distancing by Zoom


Nethanel Koler

Nethanel is Salomon Ohayon grandson. He is a computer science enthusiast and mobile application developer. Nethanel has a passion for reading books and voluntary work in his spare time.

Nethanel has been the designer and the implementer of the Website : Zoomtominyan

Rav Rimon

Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon is an internationally acclaimed “posek” of Halacha, author, educator, and lecturer.His Halachic works reflect his unique approach, taking the reader from the sources to the practical application of Halacha in our modern reality within the framework of a user-friendly, pedagogical methodology.

Rav Rimon has become known worldwide for developing a methodology of mapping out Jewish texts from the earliest sources to contemporary application, using vivid graphic design and eye-opening charts in a manner that is clear, exciting, and inspiring.

In recognition of Rav Rimon’s outstanding achievements, he was awarded the Katz Prize in 2018 for the application of Halacha in modern society. He was also awarded the President’s Prize for Volunteerism in 2008 and the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism in 2014 for his revolutionary chessed initiatives.

Rav Rimon currently serves as Rosh Yeshiva of Lev Academic Center (JCT), Founder and Chairman of Sulamot and Jobkatif, Rabbi of Alon Shvut South.

We would like to think Rav Zvi Yossef Rimon for showing us accordingly to the Halacha how to use transmitter and receivers in a Minyan


Leah Raab

Leah Raab is a professional fine artist, who concentrates on painting and drawing. She graduated with highest honors from the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem and received her MFA from the New York Studio School . Leah has exhibited her work in numerous public and private showings in the United States and Israel. In addition, Mrs. Raab has taught art for over 35 years.
Leah’s work depicts her environment and her reactions to her surroundings. We think Leah for letting us use her beautiful paintings of 2020 showing the jewish people finding ways to pray together and yet keep the distance.

Other uses for
Kef to Hear?

The Kef to Hear solution has also been developed for use by people who are hard of hearing. The transmitter and receiver solution is an over-the-counter solution this is more affordable, accessible, and customizable than traditional hearing aids.

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