Kef to be part of a Minyan
Even during COVID-19 time

Is it Kef to be part of a Minyan? 
Do  you want to be part of a Minyan while social distancing?
Our transmitter and receiver solution is for you.

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Minyan Distancing -
A Necessity for
Men and Women

We are offering a solution using a transmitter and a receiver allowing the Prayer Leader to be heard clearly as far as 100 m from each participant in the Minyan and we allow a Minyan to be as big as necessary.

  • No installation needed
  • No disturbances from loud speakers
  • Usable indoors and outdoors
  • Affordable, individual solution
  • Allows hundred of participants
  • Hear clearly the Prayer leader from any distance within 100 m
  • Compact size
  • The women will hear as well as the men even if they are farther from the rabbi
The Rabbi has a Blue transmitter and a cordless microphone. Every man and woman participant carry an orange receiver
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Kef to be part
of a Minyan
in the COVID era

Why pray alone when you can pray with a minyan and respect distancing? Praying and singing together, make our tradition beautiful and meaningful to our soul.

The Prayer Leader uses a master blue transmitter, while every attendant has an orange receiver that allows them to hear the Prayer Leader from a safe distance.


Safely Enjoy the Benefits of a Minyan

Be seen and hear the Prayer Leader, all from a safe social distance.

Be Seen. Hear the Prayer Leader.

How It Works


A transmitter (blue) or a transmitter (red) consists of several elements  working together to generate audio waves to send to receivers:

  • Power supply
  • Oscillator
  • Modular: AM or FM
  • Amplifier

A microphone is included with the transmitter, but the system is compatible with thousands of different microphones. 

The transmitters are The- Movable-Ear  that let you hear what you want to hear by placing them where the sound is originated and not where the sound arrive (your ears)


A receiver (orange) is the counterpart of the transmitter. It uses an antenna to capture radio waves, and play them into the participant’s headphones.

  • Antenna
  • RF Amplifier
  • Tuner
  • Detector
  • Audio Amplifier

An earpiece is included with all receivers, but the system is compatible with thousands of earphones and headphones.

The receivers I-Hear-You  receive the sound heard and sent by The-Movable-Ear, to you, to your receiver, anywhere within a radius of 100m


Every Participant Can Hear

One Transmitter can work with hundreds of Receivers. Our system comes with strong anti-interference ability, clear sound, and stable performance. Each device is packaged with its own lanyard and charger; the receiver includes an ear-piece, and the transmitter includes a microphone.

Multi-Channel Functionality

With enough transmitters and receivers, simultaneous
minyanim can be held. 50 channels, 2.4 GHZ ,50 IDs allow up to 50 minyanim or events to be organized simultaneously without interference.

Each Prayer Leader can use their own channel.

Other uses for
Kef to Hear?

The Kef to Hear solution has also been developed for use by people who are hard of hearing. The transmitter and receiver solution is an over-the-counter solution this is more affordable, accessible, and customizable than traditional hearing aids.

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